#28 Changes

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming”. That was the line of interior dialog that Martha kept hearing, rolling around her head like a marble trapped in a jar. She hadn’t expected it all to turn out this way. She felt confident that things would have gone differently, but years from now she knew she would… Continue reading #28 Changes

#21 Probably, Maybe, Sorta, We’ll See

Probably, Maybe, Sorta, We’ll See A parent’s first line of defense Non-commitment in words to thee Leave children’s nerves tense. Perhaps, Might, If you’re lucky Hauntingly dance through the little mind Will I get the toy? Will I go see a friend? My scattered desires all entwined Remember dearest parents, the times when you thought… Continue reading #21 Probably, Maybe, Sorta, We’ll See

#19 Too Much Time

I was in a hurry, but now am not Time is abundant, flowing, and hot I sit and I wait, unaware of the time Consumed by trouble, verse and rhyme Switching perspective, it changes me so When in a hurry, I always had to go But now I’m calm, yet worried as well I wish… Continue reading #19 Too Much Time

#17 In A Hurry

I’m in a hurry A rush you see I’m in a hurry Don’t you dare bother me Things to do, bags to pack A list a mile long Papers to gather, books to stack An urge to right all that’s wrong I’m in a hurry Time nearly ran out. I’m in a hurry Without a… Continue reading #17 In A Hurry

#12 Dreams

A contact lens tinted green. Buttons I had never seen. A stolen car causing me to scream. Thank God it was all a dream. A 107 dollar gas bill. A snarky boss I’d want to kill. Running late onto the scene. Unenjoyable crazy dream! [SSDay]

#3 The General

The General wears lifts, his power projects he strides wherever he wants The General plays it cool, straight, direct he strives to be nonchalant The General smirks at others, respect he commands he’ll strike you down with information and wit The General hides his insecurities, his worries, his fear but his perfectionism won’t stop him… Continue reading #3 The General