Send Spam or WE KILL YOU!!!

A few weeks ago I got this piece of Comment SPAM in my e-mail: A new comment on the post #94 "Does Spam Work?" is waiting for your approval Author : Make Money Online with Mr. X E-mail : Comment: HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia and being forced… Continue reading Send Spam or WE KILL YOU!!!

Ah… Comment Spam

So got this today, and I really doubt that I’m going to approve it – despite it’s gracious tone! Holes in the wall is especially classy!   A new comment on the post #343 "Stupid People Alert: LOE: What do you mean I can get an STD from that???" is waiting for your approval… Continue reading Ah… Comment Spam

PopGUI for PopRoute GUI

If you've ever tried setting up an exchange server at your home, small business, or on any server that doesn't have a 100% reliable 100% always-on connection, you've probably needed a tool like PopRoute. PopRoute lets you "pop" your external POP3 accounts and route the mail from them into an Exchange Inbox.  It's perfect for… Continue reading PopGUI for PopRoute GUI