Epilogue to Cinereous

[nnwm15]   It had been about 70 years, they estimated, since the first group arrived in Julie’s mind. They now numbered around 100, and the once barren gray land had transformed into a near utopia. A sky of blue, lush grass, and (thankfully) furniture, books, and more. Julie certainly seemed to have grown a much… Continue reading Epilogue to Cinereous

Chapter 30: Quiet

[nnwm15] Well, here it is – the last chapter. These last 10 chapters have been on the shorter side, definitely something I’d expand out in a revision. Sometime in early December I’ll be posting an epilogue to the book, so be on the lookout for that. All told this has been 30 days, and 67,167… Continue reading Chapter 30: Quiet

Chapter 29: Secrets

[nnwm15]   They all cried, even Ryan, after the shock had faded. G-ma hadn’t been seen since she fled the group. Jamie’s body lie like Ryan’s had days earlier, with no hint of activity. Around her neck, marks where the old woman had strangled her, were visible. “I can’t believe it” was the popular phrase… Continue reading Chapter 29: Secrets

Chapter 26: A New Day

[nnwm15]   “You look different”, Mara said as Sara Beth walked toward her. “What do you mean”, Sara Beth said, visibly confused. Nothing here ever changed in appearance. That was the most disturbing part of living in another person’s mind – you were pictured however they thought of you, and it turned out, it wasn’t… Continue reading Chapter 26: A New Day

Chapter 25: The Coma

[nnwm15]   After Ryan’s apology, the group eventually returned to their discussion of summer camps. Mara hadn’t ever been to one, in fact, she’d never participated in any non-mandatory activity. Her parents sent her to school, but they never had much interest in sending her elsewhere. She told the group of the trips to the… Continue reading Chapter 25: The Coma

Chapter 24: Camp

[nnwm15]   The mountains lit up brighter than they’d seen in weeks. Bouncing colors flitting from peak to peak. The sky seemed lighter than usual, the world seemed to be in a state of activity, if that could exist. It was noticed by each member of the small group, spurring discussion.

Chapter 23: July

[nnwm15]   “What month is it?” “I think it might be July now” “I can’t believe that I’ve lost track of time, this never would have happened when I was a teacher” “It never would have happened when I was a student, counting down the days” Mrs. Corum and Sara Beth were both about right,… Continue reading Chapter 23: July