Spanking is Wrong for These Three Reasons

As a psychologist, I often am asked questions related to children, child rearing, and development. One comment I often get from students and parents alike is that they disagree with most experts on spanking. They believe it is an effective form of punishment and (in some cases) have told me that they will not change their mind. I figured today I’d take some time to explain the reasons why spanking is wrong, giving you a chance to think about them and debate.

Epilogue to Cinereous

[nnwm15]   It had been about 70 years, they estimated, since the first group arrived in Julie’s mind. They now numbered around 100, and the once barren gray land had transformed into a near utopia. A sky of blue, lush grass, and (thankfully) furniture, books, and more. Julie certainly seemed to have grown a much… Continue reading Epilogue to Cinereous

Chapter 29: Secrets

[nnwm15]   They all cried, even Ryan, after the shock had faded. G-ma hadn’t been seen since she fled the group. Jamie’s body lie like Ryan’s had days earlier, with no hint of activity. Around her neck, marks where the old woman had strangled her, were visible. “I can’t believe it” was the popular phrase… Continue reading Chapter 29: Secrets

Chapter 28: Putting Down The Rebellion

[nnwm15]   “Ready?” “Ready” “Let’s do this” When Jamie and Julie were little, the each had their own unique set of fears. For Jamie, it had been thunderstorms. Each time a front would move in, she’d run and hide somewhere she could block out the sound. Since it was possible, very, very rarely, that storms… Continue reading Chapter 28: Putting Down The Rebellion

Chapter 20: YouTube

[nnwm15]   Ryan sat there, painfully aware that things were changing for the worse. For the past few weeks, as he snuck off to the light valley, he had found something that could bring out the best in him, and with that so weak now, his demons were returning.

Chapter 14: Contact

[nnwm15]   If I go out there, there is no coming back. The girl sat alone in the park. It was near dusk, and the birds were beginning to fly up into the trees for the night. They didn’t like intruders mulling around below them, making a terrible racket whenever they sensed a disturbance. The… Continue reading Chapter 14: Contact

Chapter 11: The Mountains

[nnwm15]   Mrs. Corum had a nagging thought about an area of the landscape they’d yet explored. Weeks earlier they’d thought of heading toward the tiny dot of difference on the horizon, perpendicular to hers and G-ma’s spots, heading away from the light valley. They’d started that direction but, upon realizing that it was farther… Continue reading Chapter 11: The Mountains