Spanking is Wrong for These Three Reasons

As a psychologist, I often am asked questions related to children, child rearing, and development. One comment I often get from students and parents alike is that they disagree with most experts on spanking. They believe it is an effective form of punishment and (in some cases) have told me that they will not change their mind. I figured today I’d take some time to explain the reasons why spanking is wrong, giving you a chance to think about them and debate.

Chapter 26: A New Day

[nnwm15]   “You look different”, Mara said as Sara Beth walked toward her. “What do you mean”, Sara Beth said, visibly confused. Nothing here ever changed in appearance. That was the most disturbing part of living in another person’s mind – you were pictured however they thought of you, and it turned out, it wasn’t… Continue reading Chapter 26: A New Day

25 Questions to Ask Walt Disney after Watching Cinderella

Yesterday I watched Cinderella for the first time in 20 years. Here’s a list of 25 questions or comments I’d ask Walt Disney regarding this film… So it’s bad that Cinderella is a servant, but it’s apparently OK to exploit talking animals for slave labor? Who names anything Lucifer?!? How does a mouse get enough lower-body… Continue reading 25 Questions to Ask Walt Disney after Watching Cinderella

The Cupcake Diet

By Dr. Jonathan E. Westfall (Totally a real Dr… Just not a Medical one…) Cupcakes Are Your Savior So you’re fat. How do I know that? Well because you’re reading a diet book. Well, I guess you might just want something interesting to read while on vacation, or perhaps you know me personally and are… Continue reading The Cupcake Diet

Geek Thrills: My DD-WRT Router Kicks Your Linksys’ Butt!

This is a long geeky story that starts with pure ENVY. Yes it’s a deadly sin, and yet it’s one of those that I sometimes engage in, despite no deathwish. My envious feelings are a bit different than most so. This all starts when Karey & I moved into our new apartment last month. The… Continue reading Geek Thrills: My DD-WRT Router Kicks Your Linksys’ Butt!

#75 Surprises

Leo woke up not to the sound of his alarm clock, but to a loud knocking at his door. It was 4 AM, well before his 5:30 AM alarm. He put on his robe and went to the door to find a policeman. “Are you Mr. Hickman?”, the cop asked. “Uh… no – Hickman lives… Continue reading #75 Surprises

#40 The Big 4 Oh

“OMG” is what he said upon realization That he had written and read almost 40 dramatizations “WTF” is what he said upon rationalization That #40 rattling around his head needed justfication. “LOL” is what he said upon interpretation That #40 might be led to excessive clairification “It’s just an odd poem, OK man” is what… Continue reading #40 The Big 4 Oh

#39 The Teddy Bear

“Come on Nicki, time for bed”, Nicki’s mother called out from the top of the stairs. Her reluctant daughter slowly dragged herself up the seemingly endless stairs. She didn’t want to go to bed, but she felt tired, so she resigned herself to the fact that Mom was to be obeyed. Mom was tired too.… Continue reading #39 The Teddy Bear