The 8 Types of People You Meet On The NYC Subway

I’ve ridden the NYC Subway (Specifically the #1 train) fairly frequently over my 3 years working here. In that time I’ve identified a number of subway ‘types’ – certain prototypical New Yorkers that comprise your average subway train. Here’s a brief list of them. The Apathetic Notice the absolute vacant look on this poor pregnant… Continue reading The 8 Types of People You Meet On The NYC Subway

Day in the NYC Life

I’m writing this from the window seat of Metro-North Railroad’s car 6306. Almost 3 years ago when I started taking these trains I kept a list of the cars that I’d been on, curious when I’d repeat cars. It took about 2 weeks. I’ve probably been on 6306 many times over the past years, mostly… Continue reading Day in the NYC Life

NYC with Ashley!

Ashley came up this past weekend, and we crammed a bunch into 2 days. Here

No Rain

Nice day in NYC today, taking a scenic route home. Rain forecasted from Saturday on…ugh

Day in NYC

Karey & I were up in NYC today to drop off some things at Columbia. Saw this outside Uris Hall

New York City

Waiting for the Metro-North train from Garrison to NYC On Tuesday we went up to NYC from West Point. Before we left I had to take care of some computer issues on a few servers several hundred miles away. So the day was interesting – see something historical, check Pocket PC to make sure nothing… Continue reading New York City

Guest SPA & Xmas Lights

(Karey) Has posted a Guest SPA in her first and only LiveJournal post. Check it out. She’ll be doing the “Only in PA” editions as well 😉 Anyway, it’s nearing the holiday season, and tonight as they lit up the Tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC, we put up our lights at least. Karey’s room,… Continue reading Guest SPA & Xmas Lights