This morning my car started flashing a service engine light as Karey and I began a long drive. We’re at the service center now, and should be back on the road around noon (a bit lighter in the bank account, but with a more reliable vehicle!). As I sit here, I think about the sense… Continue reading Dread

But It Looks Like a Heart

Earlier this month, Karey & I celebrated the 15th anniversary of the first time we met in person (We met online before it was cool – actually it was still heavily stigmatized!) In honor of that, I’ll post this anecdote. A few months ago we were driving on an epic road trip and stopped at a… Continue reading But It Looks Like a Heart

How Long Should a Fitbit One Sleep Wristband Last?

Wristband after 200 days compared to new, with repairs noted.

I’ve been a fan of the Fitbit since the first tracker was introduced two years ago. I upgraded to the Ultra when it came out, and upgraded to the One when it was released last year (My fat wrist means I probably won’t be going to the Flex anytime soon though!). Recently the sleep wristband… Continue reading How Long Should a Fitbit One Sleep Wristband Last?

Random Sexting

About 9 months ago, when we switched carriers, Karey got a second phone number that was local to Shreveport. She hardly ever uses it, since her regular number was ported to Google Voice. However for MMS messages (does anyone even call them that anymore? Picture messages?), she has to use the Shreveport number, since GV… Continue reading Random Sexting

Summer in Shreveport

So aside from some trips here and there, Karey and I are starting on our second summer in Shreveport. Now if the pool would just warm up we’d be all set! Any suggestions for fun summer activities?

2010 in Review

OK, Since I don’t send out a Christmas letter, here’s my life update in case anyone is interested! If you aren’t, then have a Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is an awesome year for you! Anyway, the year started a bit slow and cold. Karey and I ringed in the new year sitting in… Continue reading 2010 in Review