As promised, when my Facebook Author page reached 200, I wrote a story based upon poll results. Here’s the Evil Item of Clothing story… “He was shot in both eyes?”, Detective Horne said, incredulously. “Yes, apparently so, although the killer was a bit off with the left eye – it was slightly off center. Right… Continue reading Bullets

Key Bracelet

Last Christmas I made Paracord Bracelets for my friends, in my first and to date only attempt at any sort of jewelry making. I’ve worn mine ever since, pretty much daily. I’m a big believer in only wearing jewelry that means something to me, so with an absence of other bracelets, the paracord was the… Continue reading Key Bracelet

Come And Get It: Mandate Now Available (& On Sale!)

It’s ready, it’s ready, it’s ready!!! Got some time this weekend and feel like reading something that someone you know has written? Well you’ve come to the right place. Mandate is done, and ready for you in a bunch of different formats! First, check out the Preview if you want to read the first chapter.… Continue reading Come And Get It: Mandate Now Available (& On Sale!)