May 22, 2022

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A Victory for Paper

Just as I change bags often (i.e. the bag I just posted on last month is now on break for another bag), I also alternate between note taking methods ranging from full paper (Moleskine notebooks that I then scan into Evernote – and these are pre-Evernote-version Moleskines, although I have one of the new Evernote Moleskines to try) to augmented paper (i.e. a Livescribe Echo and more recently Sky pen) to full digital (Noteshelf on iPad). With the addition of the Sky pen for Christmas, I’ve gone back to paper this last week, and surprisingly I found something paper is better at.

Photo on 1-9-13 at 7.46 AM
LiveScribe Lined Journal + Sky Smartpen

Normally at the start of a semester my class rosters are all over the place. Students add, they drop, they change sections, etc… I usually resorted to looking at the list online and thinking “OK, who’s not here… who added… ???”. This week I actually took the time to write out each roster in my notebook (figuring that it would make roll quicker and would give me a chance to start learning names – with 56 names to write, it didn’t take too long). An additional unexpected benefit was that it’s now really easy to track changes. Cross out a name, add it in with a note, etc… Somehow I don’t see myself able to do this as easily in Noteshelf or Excel.

That being said, I have a Pengo Brushpen coming in the mail to try with Noteshelf & Sketchpad, so we’ll see if the paper notebook survives the next few weeks or if it goes out of rotation (Of course as with all my gadgets, it will rotate back in at some point, I’m sure!).