May 22, 2022

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What I Sniped A Few Days Back!

A few days ago I posted that I out-sniped a sniper on eBay to win an auction. Today that auction’s contents came in the mail: 4 of the new-style AAA Safety Patrol badges. Who would want these? Well as a bit of a collector of odd pins and badges, I do!

From Collectibles

These four are interesting in that they’re a radical change from the previous AAA badges of the late 80’s and prior. Originally AAA Safety Patrol used badges that actually looked like a police badge. I’ve got a set of the ones used from the AAA logo change until around the late 90’s, including my original Safety Patrol Membership Card (I “bought” my way up to Captain rank!):

From Collectibles
From Collectibles

As I wrote in the comments on some of these, I’d feel really depressed to be a kid now who gets the Triangle badge as opposed to the Eagle style. After all, when your job is making sure first graders don’t get run over by senile old ladies in cross walks, you might as well have something respectable upon your belt. If you want to see some of the other odd things I collect, check out my Collections page for a taste. And if you happen to have an old safety patrol badge (the style with an eagle but with large AAA instead of the circular logo), I’d love to take it off your hands!

Coming soon: A badge for 1960s Television Fans…