May 21, 2022

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Review: Lies I Told My Children by Karen McQuestion

Title: Lies I Told My Children
Author: Karen McQuestion
Started: 11/11/09
Finished:  11/16/09
More Information:
Jon’s Summary: So contrary to what you might expect, this book is not about lying to kids. Well not explicitly, anyway. I happened to stumble on this book because it was insanely cheap at Kindle marketplace, only $1.99! I figured – heck, how bad can it be? And the preview looked promising. So I plunked down 2 dollars and was promptly amazed by a number of things:

1. 2 dollars gets you what you pay for quantity wise – this thing is pretty short. Heading from Toledo to Detroit via plane (20 minutes, 50 with boarding, etc..) – then take this book along. It’ll be a quick read.

2. The essays given are interesting, however they aren’t riveting. It’s brain candy – extremely humorous in some parts, but a bit slow in others. My favorite essay was probably either the first (where lying to children is actually discussed) or the one regarding preparing a young teen girl for a dance (a harrowing experience I am sure, despite never having the pleasure to experience it).

3. The writing style is accessible, so at least it’s not a slow and boring read – it’s fast and mundane!

So there you have it – are you looking to read a somewhat interesting book in your spare hour? It’s a good bargain…