Download IMapPusherService Unofficial 0.6 Release!

After modifying the 0.6 release of IMAPPusherService and posting about it, I received many inquiries for my version. Since no one who was e-mailed it has reported it totally trashing anything, I’m ready to post it up here for download. So if you want it, here it is!


Simply extract it, overwrite existing executables, and start it. As stated in my original post on Codeplex, “When the program encounters this error, instead of popping a message and dying, it writes the error to the log file and spawns a new executable, IMAP Pusher Restart. This executable waits 10 seconds then launches ImapPusherService.exe again. This way the service restarts automatically if it dies during that error.”

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding this unofficial version.

Update: It appears that gmurray has decided to make this software source only. I’ll keep my binaries up, so feel free to grab them. If you want small mods to them, I’m willing to do so (and generaly compile any version since I have Visual Studio). Just contact me and we can talk about it. Also, if you’re feeling really generous, you could always donate a bit to support my mods, all completely option of course.


    1. You should be able to just unzip the files to a directory of your choosing and run IMapPusherService.exe. If it’s the first time it has been run, it will prompt you to enter in all the information it needs. From that point on, just starting that exe should start the program.


  1. Hi,

    I wnt to write a review about this project.
    I tried the software but I can’t make it work.
    I started the first time, wrote my gmail settings, and nothing else happened.
    My PDA is empty. No new account has been created on my outlook mobile.
    And If i start the soft again, I can’t see that screen again to correct my settings…

    What am I doing wrong?


    1. You need to have the account created already in Messaging – the program does not create the account. Make sure the account names match, start the software, and it should work.


  2. hi,
    it’s fine to see, that someone is also devel on this last version.
    it seems to be, that the project is dead.
    well – i and some other guys are interessed to go on with development.

    i will create a new thread about imap idle via IMAP Pusher in xda-developers.

    it would be fine, if you can join xda-developers where you can find me.

    maybe we can work together on some new functions
    (ex: support for port 143, support for TLS and so on.
    autostart service (sec. message removed on starting the service)
    cu camro

  3. I installed this yesterday (8-12) and it has been working flawlessly. Will be interesting to see what drain on my phone it has or how long it will last.

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