May 22, 2022

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Hanging Around The Point, Seeing Some Guns

West Point Museum

Today we stayed mostly around the Point, visiting the West Point Museum (Which is right outside the main gate). The museum is really more history than just West Point, with features on large and small artillery, wars throughout history, American wars, and more. They have some other pretty neat finds, like Adolf Hitler’s personal gold-plated pistol, and a full-scale replica of “Fat Man”, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945.

West Point Train Station

We walked back from the Museum through Highland and ate at a Chinese buffet (Good food, bad service). After getting back on base (Much easier when you have no trunk to open for Security, they scan your drivers’ license and you walk right through), we walked down to South Dock, because we were told you can get to North Dock (Where our RV is) from there. Well you can, but we couldn’t find the mystical staircase behind the soccer field, so we had to wait for Dan to pick us up! Along the way we saw some interesting sights at the water front, including the West Point train station – a very “Harry-potter-esque” building that fits with the gothic theme very well. The real rub is that there is a giant hill that you must walk up to get to the barracks – so new recruits at one time got to drag their stuff up a hill after a long train ride. Nice.

View of West Point campus from the Cadet Chapel entrance.

In the evening we went up to the Cadet Chapel and heard the combined cadet religious choirs sing. I never thought I’d hear a Jewish Cadet Choir sing my high-school class song (“Livin’ on a Prayer”), but I did this night. They sang a good mix of religious music and patriotic, and the pipe organ was pretty amazing to hear. Many sang along with “God Bless America” (And with “Livin’ on a Prayer”…). The real attraction was the building, however:

Cadet Chapel front.

The Cadet Chapel was built in 1910, and has a VERY gothic theme to it. It is home to the largest church organ in the world (mostly due to donors continued support for expansion). The inside is amazing to view, with 56 ft. tall ceilings.

Interior, it was dark outside so the lighting isn’t the best

The interior is fairly plain religiously (as the Chapel is home to Protestant services), however the massive ceiling and high arches do not disappoint. The 18,000 pipes in the organ also inspire enough religious zeal to make this a very impressive house of God!

Well, that’s all for today’s update. Today our agenda has us going to an Engineering open house and a crawfish boil!