May 22, 2022

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Engineering & Server Installs

Greg, a Civil Engineering grad, stands next to his team’s bridge

Today was an interesting day. Karey & I sorta relaxed a bit and let Dan & Sue go to most of the events. A parade this morning (that I dropped them off at), and a cookout tonight (that I wanted to go to but couldn’t due to timing). We did go to the Engineering open house and see the bridge pictured above. Next to it is my brother-in-law, who I am sure is so thrilled that he’s been photographed to death this week (And has more to come).

Karey Snaps A Shot!

We sat in on the Engineering awards ceremony, and saw Greg get a lapel pin and sticker (for his hard hat) indicating his Graduation with Honors status. We then toured the building a bit, met some instructors, and headed back down to the camper. Speaking of the camper, remember those empty parking lot photos from earlier this week (They’re in my gallery), check this out:

One of many shots showing a crowded parking lot

The parking lot has grown in size quite a bit – car and RV wise! We have a prime spot by the water, however I believe others are getting envious! After this post I’ll be uploading some pics from today to the Gallery site, however since I spent most of the day at the RV (installing a server remotely tonight), I don’t have quite as many as in days past!