Manny Being Manny

Red Sox being Red Sox not enough in October
Red Sox being Red Sox not enough in October

He was proud. He was pleased. He was a peacock. He was behind 7-3. He and his Boston Red Sox were still well on their way to a 3-1 American League championship series deficit to the Indians….Celebrating and taunting a solo shot to bring your team within four? This is what they call “Manny being Manny.” There was a reasonable chance he didn’t even know the score or situation when he hit it.
I’m not down on Manny in this post – I think he’s been an excellent player and enjoy a bit of flair (a term the announcers applied, not me in my office-space mind). However it was quite odd to see him admire a home run that, in the end, didn’t mean anything.
Game 5 should be interesting…

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