May 26, 2022

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From Behind the Mic

New Contributing Editor-in-Training at PPCT – head over and say Howdy!
I’m quickly going from “new guy” just under 2 years ago to “veteran”… wow.
From Behind the Mic As a radio announcer, it’s rare that I step from behind
the microphone, but as the newest member of the Contributing
Editor-in-Training team, it’s time to drop the pmradio persona and become
just Paul Martin. I’ve been browsing and occasionally posting on Pocket PC
Thoughts since August of 2001, and enjoyed asking lots of questions and
occasionally providing them to a great community of mobile device users. And
so, it is a great honor for Jason to ask me to become a member of the
Contributing Editor team! From my first Casio Databank watch, I’ve loved
having portable data. However, because of my budget, I’ve usually been on
the dusty edge of technology: breathing the dust of the crowd as they move
on to another device and I can take advantage of the closeout sales!