May 17, 2022

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SPA: Putting Your Heart, Soul, Water Bottle, Second Base, And Baseball Bat into The Game

Minor League Manager Meltdown

“Minor league manager Joe Mikulik had a major league meltdown.Tosay Mikulik — skipper for the Asheville (N.C.) Tourists — lost hiscool Sunday in a Class A South Atlantic League baseball game againstthe Lexington (Ky.) Legends would be a gross understatement.”Thatwas incredible. That’s gotta be on ESPN or something,” Legends starterTip Fairchild told the Lexington Herald-Leader. “I’ve seen coaches gooff, but that was pretty good. … He used everything — bases, theresin bag, the hat, the dirt. Everything.” It all started in thefifth inning when Asheville pitcher Brandon Durden tried to pick offKoby Clemens — son of Roger Clemens — at second base insideLexington’s Applebee’s Park. Clemens was called safe, prompting Mikulikto charge toward first-base umpire Andy Russell to protest the call.Protest he did. The agitated Mikulik went nose-to-nose with Russell, who showedconsiderable restraint before tossing the manager. Even after
hisejection, Mikulik demonstrated a headfirst slide into second before hepicked up the base and flung it toward the outfield. On his walk towardthe visitors’ dugout, Mikulik stopped at the pitcher’s mound, picked upthe resin bag and hurled it toward first base.”

I don’t know if this is truly a Stupid People Alert, but man, take it easy – it’s only single A…  Kyle, ever thought of throwing a second base into the outfield in little league – do it and you’ll be my hero 🙂