May 26, 2022

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Awesome Artichokes!

Artichokes are one of my favorite foods, however I find that many people are downright scared by the things when they see them in the grocery store.  After all, they do look like a strange green vegetable that you’d probably never want to eat.  Recently, artichoke dips have become very popular at places such as generic american bar and grill and the other generic american bar and grill and even at semi-reputable chain-style italian eatery.  Artichokes are pretty nutrious as well, as listed on Wikipedia.
So how does one make an artichoke? Well, here are the simple steps:
1. Purchase Artichoke(s)
2. Cut tips off the leaves (optional – real men don’t care if they are a bit pointy – they won’t cut ya!)
3. Cut black part off stem (optional – looks better. Stem
is able to be eaten, just a bit bitter on puny arti’s)
4. Place in pot of boiling water, uncovered, let cook for long time (~45 min, it’s done when the leaves are tender and can be pulled off easily)
5. Place garlic under a few cloves, drizzle with olive oil, put in broiler for 5 – 10 min. (optional, but makes them taste better)
Ok, now on for the eating portion!
1. Pick leaves off, dip in butter or other sauce if you choose
2. Run bottom part of leave (the end that was attached to the plant) under teeth to pick off ‘meat’ (tasty!)
3. When leaves are gone, don’t dispair!
4. After you get to the annoying leaves (little ones, no meat, puny), pull them off.
5. Scrape pointy parts out.  This is the part that would have become a flower if us greedy people didn’t decide to eat it!)
6. Enjoy Artichoke Heart (Part under pointy parts, looks like little bowl).
There ya go.  If you want another idea, here is an article on making grilled artichokes at Cooking for Engineers.