May 18, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Week-End Update

Howdy JW.Com Readers! Well, I’m writing this weekend update to let ya’ll know what’s been going on this week.
The week started good except for my lunch monday at Cyberfresh Cafe in the Student Union at UT. I got the world’s Worst ceasar salad (I believe they hold the record). Not only did it taste funky, AND have a piece of plastic with jaggedy edges on it that could have sliced my tounge in two so I resembeled a snake (Snakes In A Grad Office?), but this salad also gave me some virus that made my stomach & digestive system MUTINY. Tuesday I felt fine in the morning, but on the way home I had this heavy feeling in my stomach. We had dinner at the Chinese place (Which I doubt I can go back to now, as conditioned taste aversion has probably sunk in) and all night I had the fear I was about to expel my demonic possession orally onto comforter, bed, & cat. Wednesday morning I felt pretty bad, got to UT, told Dr. Jasper that I wouldn’t be able to be in Research Methods (Due to the fact I felt I may explode) and lingered around my office until I got the OK from my prof. for that night’s clas
s that I could get an excused. Left, headed home and found that now the demons were no longer looking to leave orally – they wanted out the other end. They didn’t seem to stop to solidify either (Damn bastards) so that meant many many many many many trips to the seat of demonic expulsion during the night (I had also had trips on Wednesday during the day, but not with the same verocity). Thursday I started to feel better, but still was a bit groggy in the evening. Yesterday I was back to Normal Jon status. Sometime during the week I also did a bit of work, amazingly.
Friday I drove out to BG to help my friend Maria with computer issues. We talked for a long time about life (We graduated together from UA and she went off to uber-applied psych (School Psychology) and I went off to uber-basic psych (Research) so we discussed the differences and similarities in our respective programs. Ate dinner and then headed back to Marblehead where I FINALLY got a good nights sleep (Although Thursdays wasn’t that bad either, but the perfect nights sleep has no alarm clock attached to it).
So anyone whose body did not rebel this week should thank their diety of choice that they weren’t me this week. Karey got a slight cold toward the end of the week (That sounds like its starting to clear up – just a head cold) and she agrees that she’d rather have that than have what I had!
How was everyone else’s week? Since it was a haze to me, maybe others can point out if anything interesting happened in the world or to them.