May 22, 2022

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New Server!

Server is a very subjective term for me.  To me, a server is anything that runs services to be used by other computers.  Granted, this definition turns every computer I own into a server (since they run P2P apps (And I mean old-skool peer-to-peer windows smb networking kind – not that new fangled stuff)).  So I guess my definition should be something like:
A computer that primarily runs services to be accessed by other computers.
There, now under that definition, only my Genesis box qualifies for ‘server’ status.  It runs Win2k Server with MS Exchange on it.  Great test bed for a windows applications.  It used to be a suse box, but eventually (about 2 months ago) I realized I needed a MS box back for some house-running tasks (i.e. home automation, Linksys media server, etc..).  So I’ve been missing my linux box.  But today, a new day is at hand:
THE DAY OF 2 SERVERS.  Yes, I now have 2 “servers” in the house (sitting right next to each other actually).  The new server’s name is Bleedin
gHeart, taken from a picture of some pretty flowers on this month’s Avon catelog (Yes, Karey is your Avon Source.). BH will be running Red Hat 9, and I’m unsure what services it may offer to the outside world.  Its deffinetly not a file server (It only has a 3 gig hard drive), but as a small web server / test server, it should be fine.  I’m setting it up to do nifty geeky things (ask details if you really want to) from a network level.  I’m pretty psyched. Its rare I can still get excited over technology…
So if you’re interested, here is the current Jon Computer Tally:
1. Genesis Server (Pentium 2, 256 MB Memory, Around 54 Gig of storage, Win2K Server)
2. BleedingHeart Server (Pentium, very small memory, former IBM Aptiva owned by Ashley – Thanks for the donation!, Red Hat 9)
3. MRKrabs (Laptop) (Pentium 4, 1 GB Memory, 40 GB HD, Win XP Pro)
4. JWestfall (Tablet) (Pentium 4 / Centrino, 512 MB Memory, 60 GB HD, Win XP Pro / Tablet)
5. Acer Extensa Laptop (Pentium 2, 64 MB Ram, Windows 98, Spare laptop for visitors)
6. CTX Laptop (My original laptop, then my moms, now back in my possession.  Pentium, 16 MB Ram, not used much anymore)
7. Compaq LTE Elite (486, 4 MB Ram, Gift from Karey’s dad.  Very Small – So Small I used it when MRKrabs was in the Hospital last october for email che
cks / surfing!)
8. HP IPaq 6315 (Named, unorginally right now, Pocket_PC).
9. An old Packard Bell I got this weekend that may not work since I slid down 4 steps with it under my arm and smacked it down.  Its in my trunk.  It was donated to me by the same great people who donated BH to me.
10. A pentium 2 with a 4 GB HD and 64 MB of RAM that lives in Parma running Win XP Pro.  My dad uses it for his daily email deletion and map generation.
So what’s next? Well, I got my eyes on a motorola smartphone coming out that’s techincally a pocket PC, but I have to save up for that one.  Karey’s been squaking about her computer, so maybe in the next year she’ll acquire a new one and I’ll have another one to add to my collection.
Eternally a geek I suppose.