May 22, 2022

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Men’s Purses

Women carry a purse, men do not.  This is fairly obvious from any social interaction that I’ve ever witnessed.  A man carrying any bag resembling a purse sticks out, unless their is a woman by his side (Now if she’s carrying a purse as well, he goes back to sticking out).  But where does this social oddity originate?
My best guess is that in the past, men have needed to carry less junk than women.  For the first 16 or so years of my life, this was how I was.  I carried my keys and my wallet.  Simple, end of story.  Then I inherited my dad’s pager – still no problem, drop it in the pocket with the keys.  Then I started carrying a cell phone.  This wasn’t bad, just drop the cell phone in the pocket formerly occupied by the keys & pager, and put the keys in the other pocket.  I’m still successfully needing only pants.
Then the PDA came along, and the constant laptop, and all the stuff that goes with those two devices (Chargers, sync cables, batteries, memory cards, etc…).  Then a job came along whe
re I carry around 8 or so keys (too many for my regular keychain).  Now I’m up to a lot of junk – what to do? use a computer bag or a briefcase, or a backpack.
But here is the problem – now that I have what is really to put it bluntly, a man’s purse, which man purse to chose! Many of you who know me know that I own about 9 different cases that I cycle through fairly regularly (Here is the short list: Targus Matrix backpack, Targus briefcase, Targus vinyl computer case (Flip open), Targus Koskin (imitation leather) zippered computer case (top loading), Kensington Saddlebag / backpack, Swiss Army briefcase, 2 other briefcases, and a small silver slim briefcase that resembles a bomb).  However, with the matrix backpack being the only thing CLOSE to ever becoming “The” bag, I’m a wreck bag-wise. I know how women feel – I can’t find the right “purse”!
Other men seem to have this problem, especially geeks.  Check out This thread or This thread at Pocket PC thoughts on the subject.  As the second one is titled “From the suspiciously close to a purse department”…
So tomorrow I start out with a new
‘purse’, a nice inexpensive stetson leather bag I found at Walmart.  I like this one because it is small, professional looking, small, and small. (Small tends to be what I’m always searching for, and “Large” is what I tend to be always going back to.)  My goal is to use the stetson briefcase for the week, and then my larger matrix bag in addition whenever I need to go back to Parma.  Carrying 2 bags back to Parma is fine with me – 3 or more and I flatly refuse.  In case you’re wondering – when I fly I don’t check bagage – I don’t want to take the risk my socks will end up in Jersey.
Anyone else out there with a revolving purse / bag habit? I have mine undercontrol now (used to be much worse – the Stetson is the first bag since October, and October’s previous purchase was in March or so, so I’m going about a new bag every 5 months). At least I rotate mine regularly, so I guess they don’t go to waste.
One day I’ll be able to replace the keys, wallet, cell phone / pda, tablet, chargers, etc.. all into my pockets again, I’m sure.  The future is probably some sort of PDA Cell Phone that had a retractable slim USB cord for charging, but until then, its the man purse game!