May 18, 2022

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Jon’s Gadget Bag

What Lies In The Bags Of A Geek?
My gadget bag is very full when I pack it up with all my gear.  Here are the stats on what I use, and what I think of it!
The Bag: A
Roadwired MegaMedia Bag (Leather Edition).  Yea, I know, the price is REALLY steep on this one.  Retailing for $179 for the nylon version, and $249 for the leather, cheap old Jon bought the bag Used on eBay for $70 or so.  That being said, this bag simply kicks ***.  Pockets for everything, a nice feel, not too heavy, not too light.  It’s a perfect overnight bag, daily driver, etc..  I only buy bags from 2 companies: Roadwired & Targus.  Why? They have lifetime warrenties.  A must if you’re on-the-go.  I also alternate between this bag and a Targus Matrix bac
kpack depending on where I’m going, what I’m doing, etc…  I also have a Roadwired Podzilla for camera trips or day long techie outings.
The Computer: An Acer Travelmate C110 Tablet-PC Convertible is my trusty travelling companion.  I’m very happy with it, it’s small, and it has Bluetooth and WiFi built in.  I also have a Compaq Evo n800c that used to be my travelling system, but it’s lately been my home system.  It’s nicely docked in my make-shift server cabinent.
The Pocket PC’s: Currently I own a i-mate K-JAM
.  My heavy lifing machine is a borrowed i-mate JasJar , which I love!  I’ve set up an additional blog entry for my Pocket PC software titles, available here (Once written).  I recently sold my Dell Axim x50v & an HP iPAQ h6315
The MP3 Player: For my birthday I bought myself a 60gb iPod Video, which stores all my media (Music, Pictures, Video) and if I don’t take that along for music, I usually use my Pocket PCs for my MP3 listening. I used to use a
Creative Nomad Jukebox 3  I’m one of those people who have always liked the Nomad Jukebox’s look (like an average CD Player) and massive HD size.  It backs up all of my music files and is portable enough to take with me in the car or on frequent grass cutting trips. As a plus, you can leave it out in your car without really worrying about someone stealing it, since it looks like a $20 CD player (Although I don’t leave any of my babies out, even if they are inside my always-locked Caddy…) The Nomad now lives at my mother’s house so she can listen to music.
The Headphones:
rget=_blank>Bluetake iPHONO Bluetooth Headphone Kit. While these headphones have a few shortcomings (i.e. the range is kinda restricted when you’re moving around with them, and my head is a bit too big for them), once I’m on my way with them comfortably in place, they are worth the price.  Given to me as a gift, my i-PHONOs are always on me when I conduct Lawn Wars (i.e. the cutting of the grass), connected to my Nomad above.  As a plus, they can also be used as a BT headset!

The Bluetooth Headsets: Jabra BT800, Jabra BT250 (Retired),

Motorola Bluetooth Speaker (Special Use – Car Visor Clip On):  The Jabra is my daily headset, with the motorola along for long car rides or trips (It comes with a nice cover that can clip onto a visor).  The nice thing about these three is the battery life.  Previously I had other BT headsets that lasted 1 – 2 hours MAX (Which didn’t work when I used to call Karey all the time for 3 – 4 hours a night….).  These are charged once a week or so, and I never have to worry about
them.  Simple, Reliable, just like they should be.
Mobile Peripherals:
ThinkOutside Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard This nice pair, which I don’t use all that often, work nicely with all my PPCs and my Tablet PC.  For mobile typing / mousing, they are the best I’ve ever used.  The prices on their website is a bit misleading – you can grab these gems for around $70 (the keyboard) and $40 (The mouse) on other sites (I got mine on Amazon).