May 21, 2022

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The Shizzolator

If anyone is interested in shizzolating, check out for the Shizzolator. It will translate any webpage into “snoop speak”. Here is what it did to my previous posts in my blog. Pretty hilarious:
Rain at da Lake
07:04pm 05/10/2004
Well, its raining in Marblehead n’ shit. Specifically, raining while I wuz cutting da lawn.” It wuz a bit annoying, but not as annoying as having empty da bag every 20 seconds as da gras is so tall here its filling up da bag rather quickly.”
Went UT today wit Karey, know what I’m sayin’? Dr n’ shit. Jasper introduced me a few mo’ muthas, including a few grad students who wuz hella nice, know what I’m sayin’? I wuz enthused go there, ‘n Karey wasn’t too unhappy wit her schedule fo’ fall / spring either.”
Well, Karey just gots back from window closing.” I gave her a set of keys da lake today n’ shit. Its official, we’re movin’ in, know what I’m sayin’?
(P.s. Last nights dinner wuz Tacos, todays may be chilli / cheese dogs!)
and some more fun from last week:
Amood: melancholy
music: Chumbawamba – Amnesia
Went VisionWorld today ‘n gots my eyes checked out, new glasses ordered.” It will be nice get rid of these perma-dirty pieces of crap I’ve been wearing fo’ a a few months now.” Anyway, PH gots one of those really bomb diggity irate client emails today.” It went like this:
” Are yo’ ass not understanding? Obviously if I told yo’ ass that that shiznit wuz there
before I restored that shiznit, I did not delete ’em, YOU did.” So fix that shiznit, know what I’m sayin’? I’m giving yo’ ass
da darned permission n’ shit. I expect notification next time yo’ ass refresh or delete
my emails n’ shit. YOUR customer service may improve wit mo’ communication n’ shit. ”

Awesome I tell you, awesome.
Getting ready to go down to PA with Karey. Fun fun fun.