May 22, 2022

The Blog of a Chronic Content Creator

Pop Quiz!

Ok, Here is a pop quiz. It draws from various websites that I visit often. First person to email me the answers gets twelve hundred screaming weasels in a bag or a twist-tie, your choice:

  1. If Strong Bad went back to 1936, he’d find a small, short, yellow creature called ____ ________ that quite resembles his current lakey.
  2. According to a well-respected website that carries WENN entertainment news, Courtney Love had her apartment burgled recently. This website is also known for its daily trivia and a section called Studio Briefs. It is ____ ____.
  3. _________ ________ is the owner of an empire of websites dedicated to Pocket PCs, Digital Media, Smartphones, and more. I post on two of the three sites as … what else… dadarkmcse
  4. Getting its name from a bastardization of the F-word, this site provides some of the strangest headlines in my day:
  5. Whenever I need to see my favorite celebrities mug shots, I always head over to _____ ________ _____
  6. This site, which shares that
    same name as the object Shrek compares Ogres to, is my favorite place to drop for a quick laugh: ____ ________
  7. I always head to for the goods to debunk any urban legend I hear
  8. has all the info on my favorite pocket pc device!
  9. is where I find out all I ever needed to know about the world’s greatest artist to ever record an album named Poodle Hat
  10. and help me find information out and be a “tech Guru” among friends and students. If people figure these out, I’m sunk as a miracle worker

Ok, so there is the quiz. Now here are some rather disturbing links I’ve found in my travels lately:

So there is my “Everything Post” for tonight. Good Evening Folks!