Geek Thrills: My DD-WRT Router Kicks Your Linksys’ Butt!

This is a long geeky story that starts with pure ENVY. Yes it’s a deadly sin, and yet it’s one of those that I sometimes engage in, despite no deathwish. My envious feelings are a bit different than most so.

This all starts when Karey & I moved into our new apartment last month. The first night we were here, I took a quick peek at the SSID list – after all, apartment buildings provide a number of interesting entries. I saw quite a number of entries that looked like this:

And was intrigued. Who was this Rick Ray, and why was he running a guest network? Was he some sort of “those without internet” savior? So I hooked up to his network (a deadly sin in and of itself, but hey, maybe I’m the sort of guest he wants) and saw this:

Yep – a guest access splash page with a Cisco logo on it. Knowing Rick Ray probably wasn’t a network tech with an industrial grade router at home, I realized that Cisco/Linksys must be adding this as a pretty logical feature on their newer APs / Routers. And here I was with just a regular old WPA-protected network that I told people the password to as they needed it. This put my Geek card in real jeopardy. Read on to hear how I fixed this the only way I know how: Overkill! Continue reading “Geek Thrills: My DD-WRT Router Kicks Your Linksys’ Butt!”