Fennec Pre-Alpha Released


“This release is pre-alpha, and intended to get the product into the hands of early adopters in order to get feed back and bug reports. In order to focus our efforts on getting this release out, we have targeted only one device, the HTC Touch Pro. This has a number of user interface implications, including graphics designed for a 300 dpi screen, control layout intended for a vga screen and reliance on a hardware keyboard for text input.”

Fennec has reached a milestone release – a milestone of not-quite-ready-for-primetime-ness! But if you’re psyched to try out this Mozilla project on your Windows Mobile device, feel free to enjoy it’s pre-alpha goodness. Although be preparred for a bit of an experience with it – I’m already hearing reports that WinMo enthusiasts are giving up after taking a quick look this morning! Why even try it then? Well to summon the spirit of Brad, W?BIC!

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One Line Wisdom: Windows Mobile Edition

In the past we’ve asked you to share your best tips with the community, and in the same vein comes my newest talking point, the elusive yet useful joys of a small nugget of wisdom. Your mission, dear community, is to share one short line of wisdom that you might give to new users of Windows Mobile devices, old vets, and recent converts from “dumbphones”. Feel free to expound on your one-liner, but the one-liner should be able to stand on it’s own. Here’s mine:

When it comes to software, less is more

My line refers to the temptation some users get to trick out their phones with every conceivable application under the sun. And trust me – I was no exception to this when I started out with Windows Mobile. I had (still have actually) registration codes for easily the top 30 applications for Windows Mobile. I tried everything, bought most of it, and today use almost none of it. Aside from 3-5 applications I install, my device remains stock. Why? Well it isn’t that the software isn’t well written, it’s simply that I know what I use and try to avoid the clutter of unused doodads. When you find the software that really works for you, you don’t need to spend hours tinkering with everything else. Your smartphone just works, smartly, for you.

Now it’s your turn – share your line of wisdom and explanation (Perhaps it’s When it comes to software, use everything!”)!

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MobiForms Latest Release Adds More To Mobile Database Sync


“Following the global success of the inituitive drag and drop mobile application development tool MobiForms Developer, the team at MobiForms are proud to announce the release of the MobiForms Advanced edition. The MobiForms Advanced edition includes the MobiForms Developer and the new MobiForms Sync Server. The MobiForms Sync Server (MSS) is a complementary tool to the MobiForms Developer offering a true offline wireless store and forward capability with sophisticated online synchronisation, replication and offline data buffering.”

The latest release from MobiForms allows devices to connect to a variety of databases through a dedicated MobiForms server system. Rapid application development plus over the air database access can put together a mean package on the handheld!

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LocateMe Winners Found!


The winners of the LocateMe contest this past week have been chosen, so in no particular order, here they are!

Congratulations to hotdram, fxcoupeman83, rookcnu, j2inet, and looneytoone!

If you’re a winner, look for an e-mail from the publisher to soon be with you regarding your prize. If you didn’t win this time, stay tuned – we’re always looking to do more contests to bring Thoughts Readers the most stylish, stupendous, and sweet swag!

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Where Does Your Device Live?

Back many years ago, it was quite cool to pull a Batman-esque utility belt look by slapping your expensive phone to your hip. These days that look has mostly gone out of style in favor of more discrete ways of carrying your electronic gizmo collection. Pockets, however, can be a bit dangerous for a device. Briefcases and purses keep devices safe, but require one more thing to carry. And lastly, the shirt pocket (My preference, see below) may keep the device at hand but looks uber-geeky in the way only a pocket protector could ever envy. But hey – a man has to put his device somewhere!

The Omnia Peeks Out while the uniball gel pen confidently stands.

So now that we’re mostly out of the utility belt era, where do you keep your device during the day? And do you protect it with a case or cover of some sort? I normally don’t, but then again – I live dangerously (as the gel pen sans pocket protector above indicates).

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LocateMe Locates Us a Contest!


“Easily share your coordinates with others through Email or SMS. Simply select a recipient then press the ‘Send’ button. It is that quick! No extra typing required. The messages are automatically constructed for you by LocateMe.”

LocateMe provides a novel way to let others know what’s going on when you’re running late, or simply want them to be able to find you. I can see myself wanting this for those moments I know I’m going to be a bit late and want others to know where I am so they can estimate when I’ll be there. And for those of us who are late and lucky, Applied PDA Software has offered to give away 5 copies of LocateMe to lucky Thoughts readers. All you need to do is tell us what you would use LocateMe for. When the contest closes, the publisher will pick their top answers and we’ll announce the winners! You have until 12 Noon MST on 1/29/2009 to enter in your answer. Good Luck Everyone!

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Tame Your Phone This New Year


Back in the day (e.g., 5 years ago), I realized that my shiny new Pocket PC Phone needed taming. It would beep at strange times, it would vibrate loud enough to be heard, and generally could be a nuissance during such things as “attending a lecture” or “taking an exam” or “sitting in a meeting”. Hopefully this post will help you tame such a device in time to save your dignity and prevent embarassment in 2009!

The first product I used to tame a device was from a company named PocketConcepts called MeetingMute. MeetingMute had a feature I found to be totally great – it could mute my phone during appointments depending on the category I assigned to the appointment. So for important stuff, like classes or meetings, the “Mute Phone” category was created. For less important meetings (e.g., a casual lunch date with friends) the phone could remain noisy. Today I use PhoneAlarm Pro by PocketMax (Screenshot above) to accomplish this same goal and more. PhoneAlarm features a today screen plugin, mute based on category, multiple profiles, skinnable interface, and more. For between €14.50 and €18.50 (for Pro), the price is well worth the ability to set your phone and forget it – confident it won’t be embarassing you in public. Now that I’ve shared my tip for taming your phone, feel free to share your own or talk about other products you find valuable for keeping your phone “discreet”!

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Alarm Master Sleys Elusive Enemy ForgetAllAboutis!


“Alarm Master is a convenient and powerful utility that helps managing personal alarms and reminder on your Windows Mobile Classic/Professional device. If you need a reminder solution for a variety of purposes from daily alarm-clock to parents’ calls and monthly bills, this flexible tool is an ideal solution for you.”

So indulge me for a moment and pretend there is a mythical monster named ForgetAllAboutis, and further suppose that he/she/it likes to make you forget about various things you should do (e.g. call people you don’t particularly like, clean out pesky facebook friend requests from ex-girlfriends, or in my case, pay your quarterly taxes). Now imagine that some wonderful program existed that kept alarms apart from Windows Mobile’s calendar, included a today-screen plugin, and generally was customizable as one could wish. Now further believe that it has a trial version available and the full thing costs about 2 1/2 fancy coffees (e.g. around $13). If your (my) dream became reality, you’d have this new release from Connective Tools.

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Infestation Giveway Winners Announced!


Two weeks ago we snuck in a game giveway right before Christmas – and today I’m happy to announce the winners! The following forum members should expect to hear from the publisher within the next few days (and if not, they can contact me directly for more info). Congratulations to:

Mpatrick, Pony99CA, rkistler, mwfielder, John Mackay, Joel Crane, Certs, Ploobers, Paulsg63, & Mmidgley!

Have fun with the game – but don’t let it ruin all of your productivity in the new year!

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Innovisoft Releases VirtuaMouse One-Hand

Hey, I’m not sure this article is actually going to help you in your search for knowledge. However I do have pretty cool things on this site you might want to check out, such as information about my HorribleScope generator, and if you’re on android, my Fast Food Calorie Lookup app!



“Innovisoft Corporation releases the first commercial, publically-available virtual mouse cursor for Windows Mobile compatible with any Windows Mobile 2003, 5 or 6 device with a D-Pad. Previously, virtual mouse cursors were proprietary and locked to specific devices.”

If you have seen the virtual mouse pointer on various models of Pocket PC (dating pretty far back, but as recently as that on the Samsung Omnia) and thought “Gee, wish I had that”, your dream may be a reality. Innovisoft has now released a Virtual Mouse offering that is compatible with devices 5 years old and newer, with a trial version available. Interested? Check it out and let us know how it is!

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